Let the Light shine from within!

Let the Light shine from within!

One of my friends, who had never meditated before, asked me how to meditate. I gave him a few hints and even gave him a quick, guided meditation session. He could not comprehend how someone could spend hours in a meditative state.  Although I assured him that anyone could do it, he remained skeptical. One day as I was dropping something off at his house, I noticed that he had a piano in his living room, and I asked him to play something for me. Not only did he play delightfully, but as I discovered, he also taught himself how to play without ever taking a single lesson, and doesn’t even know how to read music.  When I asked him, “What do you think about when you play?” (You know where I’m heading!) It clicked in his mind too.  With a winning smile, he responded “Nothing. I am so relaxed when I play; I think of nothing. All my thoughts disappear.

For me, my thoughts disappear when I’m dancing, hiking in the wilderness, or being creative with photography. I believe we all have at least one or two special activities that engage us in a positive energy flow that melts our distractive thoughts and causes our troubles to fade away.

For many people, dance is the key to reconnecting with the Soul, and to a time when dancing around the fire, chanting, awakening spirits and talking to God(s) was a normal part of life. Talk about connecting with your Soul, God and Mother Nature all at the same time!

Although dancing in post-industrial cultures has evolved into more of a social ritual with its original spiritual form all but disappeared, many of us continue to believe in the power of dance as a healing and meditative power, even in today’s modern world.

Some studies reveal that it is not the calm, slow music that induces meditative beta waves in our brains, but the beat of music. I especially believe in the power of free spirited dance movements accompanied by the beat of the drums that mimic the origins of ritualistic dance. Some prefer to experience the power of rhythmic music on the other side of the equation, by playing drums instead of dancing to them.

Hiking, walking and jogging in nature are other examples of meditative practices that can help to reconnect you with your inner self.  When we encounter nature, we take an additional step of connecting our Soul with Mother Earth.  As we learned to build bigger and bigger houses and to live in large communities bound in concrete, we have become increasingly disconnected from nature, and consequently, from our Souls. It is to the benefit of ourselves, our communities, and to society that we begin to reconnect with our natural environment. Please visit the “EVENTS” page for a schedule of dancing, drum circles and guided hiking trips.

A few people have commented to me that they have never seen anyone dance with as much enthusiasm as I do. Those who have hiked with me say the same. Although they cannot describe exactly what it is, or can’t put their finger on it, some of the terms used are that I “glow,” or that I seem to be surrounded by an aura. I say Let the Light shine from within! I know I am not the best dancer, and maybe not even the best dance instructor (I teach beginners Salsa and Bachata classes), but I am the best at listening to my Soul Beat while dancing, hiking, or playing the drums.  And that’s the only thing that any of us need to be “the best” at doing.

What is your Soul yearning for? What is your meditation? Let me help you to listen to Your Soul Beat and see your Light shine.