About Your Soul


You see things; and say, 'why?' But I dream of things that never were; and say 'why not?' ~ George Bernard Shaw

At one time we were deeply connected to our Souls and our decisions were based primarily on intuition. Unfortunately, as society became more and more complex, our focus began to increasingly shift to the outside world.  Consequently, external factors, such as the approval of others, including the opinions expressed by friends, peers, colleagues, and most recently, social media groups, began to confuse our intuition and have more of an impact on our decision making process.

While our intuition remains intact, it has become deeply buried within an impenetrable fortress of logic that is closely guarded by the ego, as we remain distracted by outside noise and external messages. We all believe that we think are in charge of our lives, but who is really running the show?

Have you ever felt your Soul beat, or heard a small voice speaking from within? As with your heart, your Soul also has a beat of its own. Some call it your inner, or essential self.  So while you may be confused with issues that come up in your life, or feel stuck and unsure of your direction, every Soul has a purpose and is solely dedicated to helping you discover that purpose. It does not understand the logic of your mind. You may think you have lost purpose, but you can rest assured that your soul not only knows exactly what it wants, but is fighting for your highest good.

You cannot be inline with your soul’s desire when you are preoccupied with outside noise or imprisoned by your mind’s demeanor. You have simply lost touch with your soul.

Your mind is a magically powerful tool. Imagine what you could accomplish by realigning the power of your mind with the beat of your Soul! I hope you are ready to begin the journey of your life.