About Ivana

Ivana was born and raised in the small town of Jarabina, in Northeast Slovakia. After earning a degree in pediatric nursing, she went to work for a short time at the pediatric ICU unit before her curiosity and sense of adventure landed her in New York. She further studied both accounting and industrial psychology at CUNY Bernard Baruch College, graduating Cum Laude.

After graduation, Ivana was hired by a large accounting firm and went to work as a full-time accountant. It didn’t take long for her to realize that, despite all of her hard work to get there, a career in accounting was not compatible with her life purpose.

As she debated her next move, she once again turned to self-help books and her yoga practice for guidance and inspiration as she prepared for another pivot in her ongoing quest bring her work path in line with her Soul’s purpose. Like many people, she believed in the power of positive thinking, spiritual psychology and the law of attraction. And although she had big dreams and knew that her life had more meaning than being stuck in a cubicle, finding stubbornly elusive solutions was a daunting and frustrating task.

Then one day she found her way to the book “Steering by Starlight” by best-selling author, Martha Beck (www.marthabeck.com). Although she didn’t even know what a Life Coach was at the time, she felt immediately connected to the core concepts of helping, inspiring and empowering others to connect to their Soul’s purpose and reach unrecognized potential by dissolving limited thinking, healing emotional pain, and opening up new channels for discovering hidden talents and buried desires.

Elated to finally have discovered what truly felt like her life calling, she made what was by then a simple decision to pursue a career as a Life Coach. After graduating from the Martha Beck program in September 2011, she moved to Hawaii and begun her path helping others finding their life purpose and living the life of fulfillment that awaits each and every Soul that is willing to embark on what is truly the adventure of a lifetime.